Heliodor 38.94 mm 57.5 grams Natural Gem Crystal - Tajikistan


Height: 30.44mm (1.2 in)

Width: 38.9mm (1.53 in)

Depth: 30.68mm (1.21 in)

Weight: 0.13 Lb / 0.06 kg


SKU: KK-005
Heliodor, is also know as Golden Beryl. This hexagonal crystal has a perfect termination and is twinned on one side. Very deep Golden color.

Origin is Tajikistan.

Metaphysical Properties:


 Solar Plexus


Astro Sign: Leo

Heliodor stimulates intellect and enhances personal power.  It aids in exhibiting compassion and sympathy concerning delicate matters.  

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