From the people
From the people
This place is absolutely gorgeous!!! Everything from the AMETHYST door handles to the 8-9 foot crystals they have chilling throughout the store. The staff was amazing and this place really had the best energy.
— Raegen Ogden
From the people
Great mineral variety and customer service. One of the best shops i’ve visited with probably one of the most approachable and friendly staff. Gem quality, variety, and knowledge is 5/5 - great place for all collectors.
— Michel Perez
From the people
I love this place!! The crystals are authentic, the staff is welcoming and the vibe in there is magical. I’ve shopped here multiple times and each time I leave satisfied with my purchase. It’s definitely an experience to just look around too they have beautiful crystals & jewelry that vary in prices, this is where I shop for my crystals bracelets 😊
— Kat Zarate

Show Stoppers

The Vault of Magical Treasures

At Crystalarium we have a special love of Gems in their natural crystalline form.  Beyond the vivid colors, dazzling clarity and stunning luster of gemstones, we delight in their natural geometric shapes and structures...

New Blog Post!

Curious about how to cleanse your crystals? Check out our first blog post to learn about a few of our favorite methods!

September's Birthstone

Did you know that Sapphires can come in every color of the rainbow? It's true! From the most vibrant pinks, to mysterious blues, and sunny yellows, sapphire brings the party every time.

Gemstone Carvings

We're very excited to welcome a whole new collection of amber, libyan desert glass, and calcite crystal carvings from our good friends at JT Fisher & Co.!

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