Founded in 1987 by Graduate Gemologist and Jeweler Robin Banchik, Crystalarium started as a tiny store on L.A.'s Melrose Avenue.  The goal was, and is, to offer the finest quality in Quartz and Gem Crystals for the metaphysical client as well as mineral collectors, interior designers and lovers of fine jewelry. Our One-of-a-kind and custom jewelry is made right here in the workshop portion of our West Hollywood Gallery.  We can do anything from simple to very ornate pieces in both silver and gold. 
Since then the store has only continued to grow. After over 20 years on Melrose, Crystalarium recently moved around the corner to La Cienega, still in the Design District, but with a larger and even brighter location.
Crystalarium has an unsurpassed collection of rare gems and minerals for your living environment and jewelry for your "personal environment". Our inspiring collection includes both cut stones and natural gem quality crystals; ruby, emerald, sapphire, kunzite, aquamarine, topaz and more. In addition we have a remarkable selection of fine quartz from jewelry-sized crystals to clusters weighing up to 700 pounds. Being located in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world, we've had the pleasure of creating many different kinds of props for  film and television.
Please email, phone, or fax us to tell us what your are looking for, or to ask any questions about our items.

534 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Suite B, West Hollywood, CA 90048
Phone: (310)652-8006
Fax: (310)652-8007