Tiger's Eye 81.56 Carat Hand Carved Phoenix 14k Swivel Pendant

Stone Dimensions

Height: 34 mm

Width: 34 mm

Depth: 9.75 mm

Weight: 81.56 Carats


SKU: KKO-144
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Kunzite and Mother of Pearl 273ct 14k Hand Carved and Handcrafted Necklace


Overall Length: 584.2mm (23 in)

Pendant Height: 40mm (1.57 in)

Pendant Width: 70mm (1.57 in)

Pendant Depth: 3mm (0.12 in)

Pendant Weight: 62.68 carats / 12.54 grams

Kunzite Beads Approximately 26mm x 10mm x 7mm

Kunzite Weight: 273 carats / 54.6 grams

Total Weight: 83.3 grams


SKU: HHO-025
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Mabe Pearl with Mother of Pearl Hand-Carved Angel Wing 14k Necklace


Height: 34mm (1.34 in)

Width: 23mm (0.91 in)

Depth: 11.2mm (0.44 in)

Weight: 48 carats / 9.6 grams


SKU: HHO-043
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