Bi-Color Tourmaline 33.0mm 16.13ct Pink and Green Leaf Carving Natural Crystal Handcrafted 14K Gemstone Earrings


Height: 17.14mm (0.67 in)

Width: 12.98mm (0.51 in)

Depth: 3.98mm (0.16 in)

Weight: 16.13 carats / 3.23 grams

Brilliant, sparkling pink and citrus Lime-green in color, these Bi-color Tourmaline gemstones have been expertly carved to look like leaves, and are elegantly set in a simple, but bold dangling earring of solid handcrafted 14k gold. Fabulous!

Dimensions are for larger stone.

Dimensions for smaller gemstone are: Height: 14.98mm, Width: 12.68mm, Depth: 4.26mm.
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SKU: EEO-108