Apatite 14Kt Gold Faceted Handmade Ring


Height: 11.684mm (0.46 in)

Width: 7.874mm (0.31 in)

Depth: 7.3mm (0.29 in)

Weight: 6.32 carats / 1.26 grams


SKU: UO-021

Looking at this Apatite ring is like gazing into the crystal clear turquoise blue waters of some fantasy isle. This exquisite gem is captured in a handmade 14kt yellow gold setting with unique cantilever design.

Please note that each ring is custom designed and hand made meaning that there is only one of each.

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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Gemini, Pisces and Capricorn

Stimulates intellect while promoting the realization that ones true strength comes only through love and spirituality. Helps to dissolve negativity and balances the chakras. Awakens the inner self.

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