Amethyst Elestial 3.56 inch 1.12lb Natural Crystal Scepter - Brazil


Height: 90.42mm (3.56 in)

Width: 83.82mm (3.3 in)

Depth: 82.55mm (3.25 in)

Weight: 1.12 Lb / 0.51 kg



Shop other: Amethyst

Shop other: Elestial

Metaphysical Properties:




Birthstone: February

Astro Sign: Aquarius, Libra

Helps user achieve higher states of awareness by cutting through the illusion of this plane. Promotes healing, inspiration, divine love, and intuition. Has strong protective as well as calming qualities. Can help free the self from addictions.


Astro Sign: Gemini

Elestial Quartz can be used to stabilize brain wave frequencies and to ameliorate erratic and/or confused thoughts; it can further assist in producing an expanded state of awareness and an encouraging energy to speed one toward the light.  It assists one in summoning vitality in order to produce advancement towards the eternal brilliance of the spiritual self.  

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