Amethyst 30.25 mm 77.23 ct with Tourmaline and Moonstone Handcrafted 14K Gemstone Vessel Pendant


Height: 67.31mm (2.65 in)

Width: 29.21mm (1.15 in)

Depth: 28.7mm (1.13 in)

Weight: 152 carats / 30.4 grams

Dimensions are for Amethyst only.

Tourmaline cabochon dimensions are: Diameter: 14.02mm Height: 4.0mm, Weight: 19.05cts.

Moonstone cabochon dimensions: Diameter: 3.78mm, Height: 1.21, Weight: .32cts

Entire pendant hangs 2.65 inches.


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SKU: GGO-102

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