Rose Quartz 1.92 inch 137 carats with Amethyst Handcrafted Sterling Silver Perfume Bottle


Height: 48.77mm (1.92 in)

Width: 25.91mm (1.02 in)

Depth: 23.88mm (0.94 in)

Weight: 137 carats / 27.4 grams

An exquisitely handcrafted vessel, this sterling silver gemstone perfume bottle is perched delicately on a petaled silver base, and features a dazzling jeweled Amethyst screw lid.

Dimensions of Rose Quartz Vessel are: H: 32mm x W: 24mm x D: 22mm, Weight: 73.05cts

Dimensions of Amethyst Faceted Top: H: 8.9mm x W:16.8mm x D: 16.8mm, Weight: 13.01ct
SKU: DDR-040