Fluorite in Serpentine "Bolivianite" 3.6 inch 2.89 lb Polished Crystal Sphere - Peru


Weight: 2.89 Lb / 1.31 kg

Diameter: 3.6 in (91.44 mm)


SKU: CCL-286
The expert polish of this Fluorite in Serpentine natural crystal sphere reveals a stunning juxtaposition of subtle lavender Fluorite bands against a larger matrix of luminous, olive green Serpentine crystal. This beautiful combination of minerals also goes by the name of Bolivianite! Gorgeous!

Origin is Bolivia.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Pisces and Capricorn

Fluorite promotes objectivity, stabilizes energy and provides a deep sense of comfort and tranquility.  The color of the stone resonates with the corresponding chakra.  


Astro Sign: Gemini

Assists in clearing clouded areas of the chakras.  Stimulates movement of kundalini energy and helps to lessen the discomfort associated with this rising.  Enhances meditative states and energizes the heart center.  

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