Green Tourmaline and Labradorite 14k Handcrafted Earrings


Height: 14.5mm (0.57 in)

Width: 11.8mm (0.46 in)

Depth: 4.8mm (0.19 in)

Weight: 13.02 carats / 2.6 grams


SKU: FFO-180

Measurements above are for Tourmaline. 

Labradorite measures 16.08mm by 11.8mm by 4.4mm each, combined weight is 12.51 carats.  

Entire earring hangs 2.6 inches long.  

Shop other: Tourmaline (Green/Elbaite)

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Metaphysical Properties:


  Solar Plexus


Astro Sign: Sagittarius, Scorpio and Leo

Labradorite can help tap into the future and ancient memories related to one's personal growth.  It assists in communication with the higher self, and is protective to the aura.  

Tourmaline (Green/Elbaite)

Birthstone: October

Astro Sign: Libra, Capricorn

Assists in learning to perceive the world through the heart chakra.  Helps direct masculine energy with love and compassion. Also believed to attract abundance.  

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