Dentritic Quartz 1.57 inch 10.9 gram Polished Gem Sail Cabochon


Height: 39.88mm (1.57 in)

Width: 25.91mm (1.02 in)

Depth: 6.6mm (0.26 in)

Weight: 54 carats / 10.8 grams


SKU: EEV-026
A dendritic Quartz polished crystal has been polished into a graceful sail shape showing its golden iron inclusion and gorgeous clarity, with a dendritic pattern comprised of Magnesium and Iron forming lovely tree branch formations that seem to be painted on!
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Metaphysical Properties:


  Solar Plexus

Dendritic (Quartz)

Astro Sign: Sagittarius

Dendritic Quartz facilitates a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and a connection with nature.  It stimulates past life recall and is used to open and activate.  

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