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Blue Moonstone 19.17 mm 29.9 carats Carved Fleur de Lis 14K Handcrafted Filigree Gemstone Ring


Height: 19.4mm (0.76 in)

Width: 15.6mm (0.61 in)

Depth: 10.6mm (0.42 in)

Weight: 29.9 carats / 5.98 grams


SKU: DDO-110

This radiant 14k Gold handcrafted filigree ring features an impeccable Fleur De Lis carving on a glowing Moonstone polished cabochon. Beautiful!

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Metaphysical Properties:




Birthstone: June

Astro Sign: Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio

Moonstone cleanses negativity from chakras, brings out the feminine aspects of one's nature while providing spiritual nourishment.  cardinal feminine energy stone.  

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