Amethyst Geode 7ft 1109kg Throne with Pink Amethyst & Jasper - Brazil

Natural beauty meets functional design in this massive amethyst geode! Standing at a staggering 7’ tall and weighing in at 1109 kg, calling this beauty a “chair” would feel sacrilegious - it’s definitely a throne. 👑 The natural shape of the geode has been preserved, creating a whimsical silhouette, and the exterior has been polished to highlight painterly patterns of green and white mottling all over the outside of the geode. Inside, there is a story of a beautifully complex history with glittering purple amethyst crystals, a pocket of pink amethyst, a nodule of rich red jasper in the seat, and some thoughtfully sliced “stalactites” that make it easy to relax and recharge. This monolithic beauty has become a staple here in the gallery, and is a favorite nook for staff and customers as they make final choices on what treasures to bring home, or to just take a moment to breathe. ✨

Height: ~7 ft

Width: ~4 ft

Depth: ~3 ft

Weight: 1109 kg


This is a very large and heavy natural crystal geode and will require freight shipping on a pallet to ensure that it arrives safely at its destination. The cost for this will depend on a range of variables and will therefore be calculated and charged separately. We work with a trusted shipper who specializes in fine art, antiques, and large objects, and has safely delivered dozens of large crystals for us to happy customers all over the US. For more details or for a shipping quote, call us at (888) 652-8006, or send us an email:

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SKU: JJX-385

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