Citrine 12.28 Carat Natural Crystal Sterling Silver Handcrafted Twist Pendant


Height: 35.2 mm

Width: 7.8 mm

Depth: 6 mm

Weight: 12.28 Carats


SKU: KKO-035
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Citrine 7.46 Carat Natural Crystal Sterling Silver Handcrafted Twist Pendant


Height: 24.45 mm

Width: 6.8 mm

Depth: 5.5 mm

Weight: 7.46 Carats


SKU: KKO-038
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Citrine 9.85ct Natural Crystal 14k Handcrafted Twist Pendant


Height: 31.6 mm

Width: 6.5 mm

Depth: 5.4 mm

Weight: 9.85 Carats

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SKU: KKO-058
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Bi-Color Blue & Golden Topaz 4.2 Inch 917 Gram Natural Gem Crystal - Ukraine


Height: 4 in

Width: 4.2 in

Depth: 1.3 in

Weight: 917 Grams


SKU: KKX-110
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Citrine 12 Carat Faceted Oval 14K Handcrafted Gemstone Prong Ring


Height: 17.8 mm

Width: 13.7 mm

Depth: 8.7 mm

Weight: 12 Carats


SKU: TO-224
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Imperial Topaz 26.95 Carat Granulated 22k Handcrafted Pendant


Height: 25.1mm

Width: 12.7mm

Depth: 11.3mm

Weight: 26.95 Carat

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SKU: JJO-225
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Citrine Stackable Sterling Silver Handcrafted Ring - Ceci Greco Designs

Designed and produced for the I Rock LA collection by Crystalarium alumna, Ceci Greco, these precious little rings are made of sterling silver and feature a beautiful natural texture around the band. Stunning on their own and buildable into more of a statement by stacking them together. Be sure to check out the other stone options to create your own unique color combo!


Height: 2mm

Width: 2mm

Depth: 2mm


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Imperial Topaz 20.76 Carat Natural Crystal Sterling SilverHandcrafted Twist Pendant


Height: 26.9 mm

Width: 10.4 mm

Depth: 7.9 mm

Weight: 20.76 Carats

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SKU: JJO-231
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Imperial Topaz 9.4 Carat Natural Crystal Handcrafted Sterling Silver Ring


Height: 21.7 mm

Width: 6.5 mm

Depth: 5.54 mm

Weight: 9.4 Carats


SKU: JJO-215
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Citrine and Smoky Quartz 14k Handcrafted Droplet and Briolette Pendant


Height: 26mm (1.02 in)

Width: 17mm (0.67 in)

Depth: 17mm (0.67 in)

Weight: 20 carats / 4 grams

Measurements above are for Smoky Quartz, Citrine is 12mm by 9mm by 9mm. 

Entire pendant hangs 2" long. 

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SKU: OO-137
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Citrine Tumble - Brazil

This listing is for a single item. Exact specimen will vary, all listed dimensions are approximate.


Height: ~.9 in

Width: ~.6 in

Depth: ~.3 in

Weight: ~18.6 grams


SKU: JJH-161
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Citrine 10.71ct Millennium Faceted 14k Handcrafted Ring


Height: 12.5mm

Width: 15.3mm

Depth: 8.1mm

Weight: 10.71 carats / 2.14 grams


SKU: TO-153
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