Faceted Tri Color Tourmaline 17.73mm 10.44ct Gemstone


Height: 10.34mm (0.41 in)

Width: 17.69mm (0.7 in)

Depth: 6.18mm (0.24 in)

Weight: 10.44 carats / 2.09 grams


SKU: 12-052

Metaphysical Properties:




Birthstone: October

Astro Sign: Libra

Tourmaline comes in every color of the rainbow as well as black and colorless.  One of the best transmitters of energy, it also assits energy flow through all chakras. Generally thought of as a heart-opening and protection stone, each color will also work with the corresponding color chakra.  

Tourmaline (Green/Elbaite)

Birthstone: October

Astro Sign: Libra, Capricorn

Assists in learning to perceive the world through the heart chakra.  Helps direct masculine energy with love and compassion. Also believed to attract abundance.  

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