Moonstone 7.51 Round Handcrafted Sterling Silver Ring


Height: 13.8 mm

Width: 13.8 mm

Depth: 6.2 mm

Weight: 7.51 Carats


SKU: JJO-228
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Moonstone 14.35 Carat Oval Cabachon Handcrafted Sterling Silver Halo Pendant


Height: 24.9 mm

Width: 15 mm

Depth: 7.65 mm

Weight: 14.35 Carat

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SKU: JJO-235
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Moonstone 13.3 Carat Horizontal Oval Sterling Silver Handcrafted Necklace


Height: 12.5 mm

Width: 16 mm

Depth: 7.8 mm

Weight: 13.3 Carats

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SKU: JJO-234
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Rainbow Moonstone 8mm Beaded Bracelet

Exact color and size may vary. One size fits most - band is elastic.


Approximate Interior Circumference: ~6 in

Bead Diameter: 8mm

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SKU: JJW-009
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Moonstone 2.9 inch 81.3 gram Polished Crystal Bowl - India


Height: 1.3 in

Width: 2.9 in

Depth: 2.9 in

Weight: 81.3 grams / .17 lbs


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Blue Moonstone 18.28 Carat Tiered Teardrop 14K Handcrafted Earrings


Height: 18.75mm (0.74 in)

Width: 9.02mm (0.36 in)

Depth: 3.95mm (0.16 in)

Weight: 18.28 carats / 3.66 grams

Delicately dangling and fabulously feminine, these triple-drop faceted Moonstone briolette earrings are big on impression but light as a feather and easy to wear! Expertly handcrafted in solid 14k gold, the measurements for each individual stone are as follows:
Top stone is 10mm by 5.5mm by 3.2mm; middle stone is 10mm by 7mm by 4.6mm; bottom stone is 20.20mm by 8.65mm by 4.25mm.

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SKU: ZO-400
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Blue Moonstone 1.8 inch Crystal Sphere - India


Weight: .31 lb

Diameter: 1.8 inch 



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Moonstone 14.26 carat 26.9mm Carved Crystal Buddha Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant


Height: 26.9 mm

Width: 15.3 mm

Depth: 7.7 mm

Weight: 14.26 carats / 2.85 grams


SKU: JJO-076
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Blue Moonstone 1.46 carat 7.58 mm Oval Cabochon 14k Handcrafted Ring


Height: 7.58mm (0.3 in)

Width: 5.52mm (0.22 in)

Depth: 4.82mm (0.19 in)

Weight: 1.46 carats / 0.29 grams


SKU: JJO-028
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Moonstone 9.13 carat 16.7 mm Oval Cabochon 14k Handcrafted Braided Bezel Ring


Height: 16.7mm (0.66 in)

Width: 11.2mm (0.44 in)

Depth: 7.4mm (0.29 in)

Weight: 9.13 carats / 1.83 grams


SKU: JJO-030
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Blue Moonstone 14.5ct 24.3mm Natural Gemstone Angel Carving


Height: 24.3mm (0.96 in)

Width: 14.14mm (0.56 in)

Depth: 6.9mm (0.27 in)

Weight: 14 carats / 2.8 grams


SKU: JJF-004
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