Heliodor 52.83 mm 62.2 gr Natural Etched Gem Crystal


Height: 36.43mm (1.43 in)

Width: 52.83mm (2.08 in)

Depth: 34.73mm (1.37 in)

Weight: 311.5 carats / 62.3 grams


SKU: EEX-327
A sumptuous honey-gold, this exquisite Heliodor natural crystal features complex surface etchings, causing a dizzying symphony of reflected light. An utterly captivating specimen punctuated by tiny caverns, hollows and key holes, this dazzling gem crystal is a true collectors piece.
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Metaphysical Properties:


 Solar Plexus


Astro Sign: Leo

Heliodor stimulates intellect and enhances personal power.  It aids in exhibiting compassion and sympathy concerning delicate matters.  

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