Moonstone 16.41 Carat with Tanzanite and Sapphires 14k Handcrafted Gemstone Ring

Moonstone Dimensions

Height: 17.1 mm

Width: 12.5 mm

Depth: 8 mm

Weight: 16.41 Carats

Tanzanite and Sapphire Dimensions

Height: 5.8 mm

Width: 3.8 mm

Sapphire Total Weight: 1.2 Carats

Tanzanite Total Weight: 1.85 Carats


SKU: BBO-101
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Natural Turquoise Tumble

This listing is for a single item. Exact specimen will vary, all listed dimensions are approximate.


Height: ~.7 in

Width: ~1.25 in

Depth: ~.8 in

Weight: ~11.3 grams

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SKU: KKH-129
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Tanzanite 16.22 Carat Sterling Silver Handcrafted Ring


Height: 16.7 mm

Width: 10.9 mm

Depth: 8 mm

Weight: 16.22 Carats


SKU: KKO-003
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Clear Quartz 40.97 Carat with Tanzanite 14k Handcrafted Natural Crystal Pendant



Height: 49mm

Width: 10.2mm

Depth: 8.5mm

Weight: 40.97 Carats


Height: 9.6mm

Width: 10.8mm

Depth: 8mm

Weight: 12.17 Carats

Entire pendant is 79mm long

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SKU: KKO-025
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Turquoise 6mm Beaded Bracelet

Exact color and size may vary. One size fits most - band is elastic.


Approximate Interior Circumference: ~6 in

Bead Diameter: 6mm

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SKU: JJW-045
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Tanzanite 3.66 carat Facet Cushion Gemstone


Height: 7.09mm (0.28 in)

Width: 10.21mm (0.4 in)

Depth: 6.06mm (0.24 in)

Weight: 3.66 carats / 0.73 grams


SKU: 14-037
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Tanzanite 15 carat Handcrafted 14k Cabochon Ring


Height: 13mm (0.51 in)

Width: 9.2mm (0.36 in)

Depth: 11mm (0.43 in)

Weight: 15 carats / 3 grams


SKU: AAO-014
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Rubelite Tourmaline 15.9 carat Bacchus Carving with Tanzanite 14k Handcrafted Pendant


Height: 19mm (0.75 in)

Width: 15.6mm (0.61 in)

Depth: 6mm (0.24 in)

Weight: 15.9 carats / 3.18 grams


SKU: EEO-205
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Tanzanite 30.7mm 21 carat Natural Gem Crystal - Tanzania


Height: 30.7mm (1.21 in)

Width: 10.17mm (0.4 in)

Depth: 6.26mm (0.25 in)

Weight: 21 carats / 4.2 grams


SKU: GGX-165
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Tanzanite 90ct 21.7mm Gem Crystal Sphere - Tanzania


Weight: 90 carats / 18 grams

Diameter: 0.85 in (21.59 mm)


SKU: HHL-070
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Tanzanite 6.34ct Floral Carving 14k Gold Handcrafted Gemstone Ring


Height: 21.9mm (0.86 in)

Width: 12.28mm (0.48 in)

Depth: 3.92mm (0.15 in)

Weight: 6.34 carats / 1.27 grams


SKU: FFO-070
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