Pink Tourmaline 4.02 Carat Rose Cut 14k Handcrafted Gemstone Ring


Height: 8.92mm (0.35 in)

Width: 8.92mm (0.35 in)

Depth: 4.01mm (0.16 in)

Weight: 4.02 carats / 0.8 grams


SKU: AAO-016
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Quartz & Pink Tourmaline 6.9 Inch .64lb Handmade Sterling Silver & Crystal Dorje


Height: 1.6 in

Width: 6.9 in

Depth: 1.27 in

Weight: .64 lbs


SKU: KKS-003
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Pink Tourmaline 11.84 Gram Natural Gem Crystal - Paprok, Afghanistan


Height: 27.48 mm

Width: 19.54 mm

Depth: 15.28 mm

Weight: 11.84 Grams


SKU: KKX-413
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Tourmaline, Bicolor "Rubellite" 32.09 Gram Natural Gem Crystal - Minas Gerais, Brazil


Height: 72.1 mm

Width: 15.05 mm

Depth: 13.46 mm

Weight: 32.09 Grams

Specific location is Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais, Brazil


SKU: JJX-460
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Tourmaline "Rubellite" 6.09 Gram Natural Etched Gem Crystal - Brazil


Height: 27.44 mm

Width: 12.22 mm

Depth: 8.51 mm

Weight: 6.09 Grams


SKU: CCX-204
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Paraiba Blue and Red Tourmaline 45.48 Carat 14k Handcrafted Natural Crystal Slice Pendant


Height: 32.66 mm

Width: 24.47 mm

Depth: 5.76 mm

Weight: 45.48 Carats

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SKU: KKO-214
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Pink Tourmaline 21.45 Carat 14k Handcrafted Natural Crystal Ring

Stone Dimensions

Height: 19.2 mm

Width: 13.5 mm

Depth: 7.15 mm

Weight: 21.45 Carats


SKU: JJO-123
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Pink Tourmaline "Rubellite" 34.13 Carat 14k Handcrafted Swivel Pendant


Height: 34.3 mm

Width: 20.2 mm

Depth: 6.4 mm

Weight: 34.13 Carats


SKU: JJO-203
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Rubellite Pink Tourmaline 59.74 Carat Sterling Silver and 14k Handcrafted Crown Ring


Height: 24.9mm

Width: 19.3mm

Depth: 13mm

Weight: 59.74 Carats


SKU: KKO-077
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Tourmaline and Lepidolite 5.25 Inch .62lb Natural Crystal Specimen - Brazil


Height: 3.5 in

Width: 5.25 in

Depth: 3.25 in

Weight: .62lb

Shop other: Tourmaline (Pink-red/Rubelite)

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Shop other: Lepidolite


SKU: JJX-539
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Pink Tourmaline 4.22ct Natural Crystal Sterling Silver Ring

Stone Dimensions

Length: 13mm

Width: 7mm

Depth: 4mm

Weight: 4.22 ct


SKU: DDO-177
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Pink Tourmaline 27.47 Carat Natural Crystal 22k Handcrafted Granulated Pendant


Height: 19.45 mm

Width: 10.31 mm

Depth: 9.86 mm

Weight: 27.47 Carats


SKU: JJO-119
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