Pink and Green Tourmaline 21.44 mm 20.69 carats Rosecut 14K Handcrafted Gemstone Earrings


Height: 21.44mm (0.84 in)

Width: 19.1mm (0.75 in)

Depth: 3.06mm (0.12 in)

Weight: 20.69 carats / 4.14 grams

A slight asymmetry gives these beautiful and delicate rose cut Tourmaline gemstones an earthy and casual feel which beautifully offsets the resplendence of such large stones and solid 14k gold settings. Fabulous! Dimensions are for large Tourmaline gemstones. Dimensions for smaller Tourmaline gems are: Height: 16.39 mm Width: 11.27mm and Depth: 3.17mm, Carats: 8.04.

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SKU: ZO-205