Watermelon Tourmaline in Quartz 5.78 inch 2.21 lb Natural Crystal Specimen - Brazil

The brightly colored Tourmaline inclusions jutting from this natural Quartz crystal cluster are fibrous in their formation, creating a subtle, cat's eye effect that adds to the captivating composition of this unusual specimen.

Origin is Brazil.
  • Height: 146.81mm (5.78 in)
  • Width: 127.25mm (5.01 in)
  • Depth: 61.98mm (2.44 in)
  • Weight: 2.21 Lb / 1kg
  • Yes No
Metaphysical Properties:
Birthstone: March
Astro Sign: Pisces

Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy. Activates all levels of consciousness and dispels negativity.

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Tourmaline (Watermelon)
Birthstone: October
Astro Sign: Libra

A crystal with a core of pink and a rind of green. Not the same as a color banded crystal (bicolor). The combined energy of feminine and masculine for heart chakra super activation to balances, energizes, and lightens ones outlook.

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