Trio of Crystal Pendants Giftset

For those of you surrounded by fellow crystal lovers, this multiple pendant set is a convenient and thoughtful choice, providing three gifts at once, with three different individually boxed pendants and sterling silver chains. The set includes a pendant in Quartz crystal, for the person on your list who could use a little energy and focus, Rose Quartz, for the person on your list who could use a little love, and Ruby in Fuchsite, for that person in your life ready for a powerful heart opening.
Pendants come boxed and labeled.
  • Height: 76.2mm (3 in)
  • Width: 82.55mm (3.25 in)
  • Depth: 58.93mm (2.32 in)
  • Weight: 147 carats / 29.4 grams

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Metaphysical Properties:
Astro Sign:

Fuchsite accesses knowledge with great practical value. It also helps you understand your interaction with other people and relates to basic concerns about life.

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Birthstone: March
Astro Sign: Pisces

Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy. Activates all levels of consciousness and dispels negativity.

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Rose Quartz
Astro Sign:

Enhances confidence, creativity, and compassion. Amplifies love and aids in forgiveness.

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Birthstone: July
Astro Sign: Cancer

Promotes spiritual wisdom, knowledge, health, wealth and knowledge. Aids in economical stability.

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