Vanadinite on Matrix 8.0 inch 3.38 lbs Natural Crystal Specimen - Morocco


Height: 203.2mm (8 in)

Width: 144.78mm (5.7 in)

Depth: 65.28mm (2.57 in)

Weight: 3.38 Lb / 1.53 kg


SKU: XX-393
Fiery, red Vanadinite crystals form nestled clusters that glitter atop a rocky beige matrix in this exquisite specimen from Morocco. Vanadinite is a secondary mineral that forms from the oxidation of lead ore deposits, and forms beautiful hexagonal crystal formations that are an amazing sight, making this a highly collectible specimen!
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Virgo

During meditation, Vanadinite can be used as a vehicle of emptiness, or as a vehicle to further the psychic process and to provide visions with respect to pre-defined questions. It promotes order in one's life.  It promotes a clear center, from the crown to the root chakra stimulating the remainder of the chakras.