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Uvite Crystal on Magnesite Matrix 1.9 inch 77.4 gram Natural Specimen - Brazil


Height: 40.64mm (1.6 in)

Width: 48.26mm (1.9 in)

Depth: 47.5mm (1.87 in)

Weight: 0.17 Lb / 0.08 kg


SKU: BBX-493
This incredible tabular Uvite Crystal rises like a cocks-comb from a glittering, nearly pink matrix of Magnesite. A truly noteworthy specimen, and an astute addition to your collectors cabinet.

Origin is Brazil.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Aries

Magnesite provides for the fruition of unrecognized thoughts and ideas and can assist in visualization and imagery, promoting dynamic ideas.  It instills peace during meditation and helps to eliminate self-deceit.  Magnesite brings grounding to the intellect, helps to open the crown chakra, and can be used to enhance the purification of the cells.  

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