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Tourmaline- Bi-Color Tourmaline 9.6ct 14k Handcrafted Natural Crystal Pendant


Height: 28.38mm (1.12 in)

Width: 11.9mm (0.47 in)

Depth: 5.4mm (0.21 in)

Weight: 9.6 carats / 1.92 grams


SKU: DDO-076
A brilliantly saturated pink termination fades from pale to vibrant green in this beautifully zoned and attractively crystallized Tourmaline gem crystal. A simple handcrafted 14k gold setting captures the natural beauty without overshadowing its simplicity.
Shop other: Tourmaline (Bi-color)


Shop other: Tourmaline (Pink-red/Rubelite)


Metaphysical Properties:



Tourmaline (Green/Elbaite)

Birthstone: October

Astro Sign: Libra, Capricorn

Assists in learning to perceive the world through the heart chakra.  Helps direct masculine energy with love and compassion. Also believed to attract abundance.  

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