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Peach Topaz 68.1 gram 1.21 inch Natural Gem Crystal - Pakistan


Height: 30.73mm (1.21 in)

Width: 30.48mm (1.20 in)

Depth: 27.69mm (1.09 in)

Weight: 341 carats / 68.2 grams


SKU: BBX-364
A lovely, delicate shade between pink and orange, this transparent, single Topaz crystal features a beautiful natural formation. Glossy, broad faces meet with relatively sharp edges and intricate surface patterning in this attractive, uncut crystal specimen.

Origin is Pakistan.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Birthstone: November

Astro Sign: Scorpio

A gentle stone, Topaz provides emotional balance, attracts abundance and enhances creativity and self-expression.  

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