Tanzanite 45.67mm 179.5ct Gem Crystal Carved Ganesha


Height: 45.72mm (1.8 in)

Width: 28.19mm (1.11 in)

Depth: 19.81mm (0.78 in)

Weight: 179.5 carats / 35.9 grams


SKU: BBF-009
Ganesha is the Hindu deity known as the remover of obstacles, patron of the arts and sciences, as well as the god of new beginnings. Usually represented as an elephant with a man's body, Ganesha is broadly worshipped in different sects of Hinduism, and is beautifully rendered in this exquisite dark Indigo Blue Tanzanite gem crystal. Amazing!
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Metaphysical Properties:




Birthstone: December

Astro Sign: Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra

Eliminates self limiting thought or concepts.  Aids in communication and enhances vision.  A powefully spiritual and heart-opening stone.  

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