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Stunning Fishtail Selenite 20 inch 97 lbs Natural Crystal Cluster


Height: 431.8mm (17 in)

Width: 508.0mm (20 in)

Depth: 431.8mm (17 in)

Weight: 97 Lb / 44.0 kg


SKU: FFX-040

Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Taurus

Selenite helps one to acheive clarity of mind, aiding in concentration and assisting with judgement and insight.  An excellent stone for instilling deep peace, Selenite aids meditation and spiritual work, opening the crown chakra and anchoring the light body to the earth vibration.  Selenite is a very powerful clearing stone, ideal for keeping spaces free of negative energies, and useful in clearing unwanted energy from other stones.  

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