Sphene 9.54mm 6.82ct Natural Faceted Gemstone - Madagascar


Height: 8.23mm (0.32 in)

Width: 9.54mm (0.38 in)

Depth: 5.57mm (0.22 in)

Weight: 6.82 carats / 1.36 grams


SKU: 21-002
Known for its remarkable dispersion, which is the quality of breaking white light into its many rainbow components, Sphene is an incredibly dazzling and sparkly material when cut into gemstones. This faceted oval is no exception, featuring brilliant rainbow reflections and a warm golden body color. An excellent choice for a custom ring or pendant.

Origin is Madagascar.
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Metaphysical Properties:


  Solar Plexus


Astro Sign: Sagittarius

Sphene is a mineral used to promote contact with the heavenly bodies within this universe.  It is a calming agent and stimulating to the chakras. 

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