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Ruby 7.06 ct Natural Gem Crystal Handcrafted 14k Ring


Height: 14.3mm (0.56 in)

Width: 11.86mm (0.47 in)

Depth: 4.28mm (0.17 in)

Weight: 7.06 carats / 1.41 grams


SKU: CCO-144

A gorgeous magenta pink color, this natural Ruby gemstone crystal features a natural hexagonal shape that is beautifully encased within a handcrafted 14k gold ring setting. An exquisite addition to any collection!

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Metaphysical Properties:




Birthstone: July

Astro Sign: Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Promotes spiritual wisdom, knowledge, health, wealth and knowledge.  Aids in economical stability, physical prowess, strength and passion.  

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