Rainbow Obsidian 50.07mm 88.21 ct Oval Cabochon 14K Handcrafted Swivel Pendant


Height: 50.07mm (1.97 in)

Width: 30.18mm (1.19 in)

Depth: 8.65mm (0.34 in)

Weight: 88.21 carats / 17.64 grams


SKU: EEO-300

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Formed from the rapid cooling of lava flows, Rainbow Obsidian is known for its midnight black sheen as a backdrop for rainbow colored concentric banding, formed due to the presence of Magnetite nanoparticle inclusions. This handcrafted 14k gold pendant setting captures this large Obsidian cabochon that is an impressive two inches long, and features a swivel bail allowing one to fully appreciate both sides of this exquisite treasure!
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Metaphysical Properties:




Obsidian grounds spiritual energy into the physical plane and absorbs and disperses negativity.  It is an exellent clearing stone, and is said to reduce stress.  

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