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Quartz 6.75 inch 7.3 lbs Natural Crystal Swan Carving with Amethyst Polished Base - Brazil


Height: 171.45mm (6.75 in)

Width: 177.8mm (7 in)

Depth: 101.6mm (4 in)

Weight: 7.3 Lb / 3.31 kg


SKU: FFF-005
This exquisite swan carving is especially remarkable in its detail, with textured feathers and an elegantly sweeping neck. The quality of the material is also not to be overlooked, with an icy clarity and prominent rainbows dancing within. The Amethyst base is not attached. Measurements above are for swan alone, measurements for the base are as follows: .7" tall, 8.75" wide, 4.5" deep. Swan sitting on base is 7.5" tall.
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Metaphysical Properties:


  Solar Plexus


Birthstone: February

Astro Sign: Aquarius, Libra

Helps user achieve higher states of awareness by cutting through the illusion of this plane. Promotes healing, inspiration, divine love, and intuition. Has strong protective as well as calming qualities. Can help free the self from addictions.


Astro Sign: All


Quartz receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy.  Activates all levels of consciousness and dispels negativity.

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