Prehnite 14.69 mm 12.45 carats Oval Cabochon 14K Handcrafted Gemstone Ring


Height: 14.69mm (0.58 in)

Width: 9.74mm (0.38 in)

Depth: 8.38mm (0.33 in)

Weight: 12.45 carats / 2.49 grams


SKU: TO-051

This gorgeous gem Prehnite cabochon is a glowing yellow color with green undertones. The setting is handmade 14kt yellow gold with ornate Russian bezel and textured band design.

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Metaphysical Properties:


  Solar Plexus


Astro Sign: Libra

Prehnite is a stone for dreaming and remembering. It advances meditation, and prediction, and it gently opens the heart center. 

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