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Phenakite 3.2 gram Natural Gem Crystal Specimen - Brazil


Height: 14.4mm (0.57 in)

Width: 19.9mm (0.78 in)

Depth: 9mm (0.35 in)

Weight: 16 carats / 3.2 grams


SKU: BBX-131
Highly valued for its transcendent metaphysical qualities, this simple colorless crystal is a rare and sought after material. These rounded, plate-like crystals are typical of Phenakite from Brazil. A beautiful and powerful specimen!

Origin is Brazil.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Gemini

Phenakite is highly stimulating to the third eye and facilitates deep meditation.  An excellent stone for healing, the application of Phenakite to any chakra produces expedient clearing, cleansing and activation.  

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