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Peridot 12.5 gram 21.97 mm Natural Gem Crystal - Pakistan


Height: 21.97mm (0.86 in)

Width: 17.07mm (0.67 in)

Depth: 17.92mm (0.71 in)

Weight: 62.5 carats / 12.5 grams


SKU: YX-554A
Because of the complex geological processes that bring a Peridot crystal from its original point of creation deep in the earth into our hands, a natural Peridot crystal will never display the perfectly crisp edges sometimes seen on other mineral crystals. Despite the wear accrued during the weathering process, there are Peridot crystals that display a crystalline form, and this is one of them. In fact, this highly desirable specimen is comprised of two distinct crystals that have inter grown, resulting in a lovely aesthetic, reminiscent of leaning friends or spires on a castle. Also possessing an alluring and delightful shade of green, this Natural Peridot specimen is a beautiful treasure and perfect collectors piece.

Origin is Pakistan.
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Metaphysical Properties:


  Solar Plexus


Birthstone: August

Astro Sign: Virgo, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Peridot inspires happiness within and aids in diffusing anger and jealousy, bringing openness and acceptance.  

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