Nunderite 3.8 Inch 2.9lb Polished Crystal Sphere - Australia


Weight: 2.9 Lb / 1.32 kg

Diameter: 3.8 in (96.52 mm)


SKU: YL-067

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Nunderite is a beautiful combination of Feldspar and Jadeite. This expertly polished specimen has a rich and grainy brown body (feldspar) speckled with tiny bursts of green Jadeite. A rare and interesting addition to your crystal collection.

Origin is New South Wales Australia.

Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Aries

Jadeite assists in problem relationships, helping one to understand and communicate with loved ones.  Soothes and calms muscle aches and cramping.  Jadeite is a stone of strength, power and prosperity.

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