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Multi-Color Tourmaline 24.63 mm 17.06 carats Natural Crystal Dragon Carving 18K Handcrafted Gemstone Ring


Height: 24.63mm (0.97 in)

Width: 14.05mm (0.55 in)

Depth: 7.01mm (0.28 in)

Weight: 17.06 carats / 3.41 grams


SKU: FFO-046

Expertly carved in the famed studios of Pedro Michel, this exquisite Bi-colored Tourmaline dragon has been captured in a simple and bold setting of hand-wrought 18k gold.
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We size rings up to 2 sizes up or down at no charge. We will email a quote for greater sizing. Rings that have been sized are not returnable.


Metaphysical Properties:



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