Morganite 27.69mm 24.67 ct Faceted Teardrop Handcrafted 18K Russian Filigree Gemstone Pendant


Height: 27.69mm (1.09 in)

Width: 15.24mm (0.6 in)

Depth: 9.61mm (0.38 in)

Weight: 24.67 carats / 4.93 grams


SKU: UO-313
Morganite, a rare variety of Beryl, gets its pink color from the presence of Manganese, with this gemstone not only having the unique pink champagne color attributed to the gemstone, but also features a brilliant transparency, and an expertly faceted teardrop shape! An elegant 18kt yellow gold pendant setting makes an delightful compliment to the warm pink tones of the stone. Gorgeous!

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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Libra

Morganite assists in introducing and acting out love of one's life.  One of the highest vibration stones for opening the heart chakra.  

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