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Lepidolite 3.56 inch Natural Crystal Sphere - Mozambique


Weight: 2.35 Lb / 1.07 kg

Diameter: 3.56 in (90.42 mm)


SKU: XL-073B
Glimmering Mica flecks that have been gorgeously captured in this amazing Lepidolite natural crystal sphere, with a tranquil shade of lavender making a beautiful backdrop to the shimmering platelets that make up the natural crystal structure of the stone. An amazing sphere that will captivate the eye and bring delight to any collector!

Origin is Mozambique.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Libra

Lepidolite promotes self love, honesty and openness.  A natural source of lithium, Lepidolite reducess stress and tension.  It is also a good mineral during times of change, allowing for smooth transitions.  Lepidolite can be used to locate energy blockages when placed on the body.  

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