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Lepidolite 2.39 inch 336.8 gram Natural Crystal Sphere - India


Weight: 0.74 Lb / 0.34 kg

Diameter: 2.39 in (60.71 mm)


SKU: DDL-086
Bright glinting flecks of Lepidolite Mica add a dazzling touch against a rich violet purple backdrop, evoking images of a brilliant stars against a midnight sky, in this amazing Lepidolite natural crystal sphere from India. Lepidolite is said to assist one with calming and balancing of the emotions due to its high Lithium content. Gorgeous!
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Libra

Lepidolite promotes self love, honesty and openness.  A natural source of lithium, Lepidolite reducess stress and tension.  It is also a good mineral during times of change, allowing for smooth transitions.  Lepidolite can be used to locate energy blockages when placed on the body.  

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