Labradorite 11.8 inch 2.34 lbs Natural Crystal Partial Polished Slice - Madagascar


Height: 171.45mm (6.75 in)

Width: 299.72mm (11.8 in)

Depth: 11.43mm (0.45 in)

Weight: 2.34 Lb / 1.06 kg


SKU: CCH-077
Broad flashes of blue and indigo sweep across the smooth, gleaming surface of this immense polished Labradorite slice. Substantial in size and impressively phenomenal, this Labradorite slice provides a great deal of benefit for a very reasonable price!

Origin is Madagascar.
Shop other: Labradorite

Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Sagittarius, Scorpio and Leo

Labradorite can help tap into the future and ancient memories related to one's personal growth.  It assists in communication with the higher self, and is protective to the aura.  

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