Hiddenite 3.31 inch 178.6 gram Natural Spodumene Gem Crystal


Height: 55.12mm (2.17 in)

Width: 84.07mm (3.31 in)

Depth: 21.34mm (0.84 in)

Weight: 893 carats / 178.6 grams


SKU: AAX-403
The gorgeous olive green color of this Hiddenite natural gem crystal specimen is only enhanced by its magnificent transparency and rugged natural gem crystal structure. Hiddenite is the green variety of the mineral Spodumene. A gorgeous addition to any collection!
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Metaphysical Properties:


 Solar Plexus


Astro Sign: Scorpio

Hiddenite helps stimulate the intellect and synthesizes energies to promote loving and healing thoughts and communication.  Dissolves negativity and can be used to remove obstacles from ones path.  Creates a relaxed state and brings forth the loving side of ones nature.  

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