Goethite over Calcite 3.57 inch 269.5 gr Natural Crystal Specimen - Mexico


Height: 90.17mm (3.55 in)

Width: 68.07mm (2.68 in)

Depth: 44.2mm (1.74 in)

Weight: 0.59 Lb / 0.27 kg


SKU: XX-414
This fascinating and unusual specimen looks like an abstract line drawing, with intersecting crosshatches in sooty black. Intricate plate-like crystals of Calcite crisscross their way through this rounded specimen, highlighted by a dusting of Goethite, deposited along the high-points and ridge-lines of this enchanting piece.

Origin is Mexico.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Cancer

Aids in amplifying or grounding energy as well as energy distributions. Facilitates healing and stimulates creativity.


Astro Sign: Aries

Goethite inspires pragmatism with imagination, bringing energy and rational thinking to pursuits of discovery.  Grounding, and useful for individuals who feel out of place on earth.  

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