Goethite After Pyrite 1.69 inch 28.7 gram Natural Pseudomorph Specimen - Pelican Point, Utah, USA


Height: 43mm (1.69 in)

Width: 25mm (.98 in)

Depth: 18mm (.70 in)

Weight: 143.5 carats / 28.7 grams


SKU: JJX-379

Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Aries

Goethite inspires pragmatism with imagination, bringing energy and rational thinking to pursuits of discovery.  Grounding, and useful for individuals who feel out of place on earth.  


Astro Sign: Leo

Pyrite aids in the attainment of physical perfection, stimulates intellect by providing information recall and provides physical and spiritual perfection.  A good stone for analytic thinking, problem solving, business and abundance.  

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