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Eudialyte 3.03 inch 1.57 lbs Natural Crystal Sphere - Canada


Weight: 1.57 Lb / 0.71 kg

Diameter: 3.03 in (76.96 mm)


SKU: EEL-012
Eudialyte is a fascinating material that was first found in Greenland in 1819. It's name comes from the Greek words that mean "well-decomposable" because of how readily it dissolves in acid. This gorgeous magenta-pink Eudialyte crystallization features a semi-translucent crystal structure, embedded within a matrix of midnight black schist and white quartz matrix. Eudialyte is said to be an excellent healer of the heart chakra and is said to help ward off jealousy.

Origin is Canada.

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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Virgo

Eudialyte facilitates ESP, and is used to open and activate the heart chakra.  It promotes self-love.  

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