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Druzy Hemimorphite 25.31 mm 20.20 carats Partial Polished Natural Crystal Oval Cabochon - China


Height: 25.31mm (1.0 in)

Width: 14.08mm (0.55 in)

Depth: 5.87mm (0.23 in)

Weight: 20.2 carats / 4.04 grams


SKU: 17-050
The scintillating druzy surface of this Hemimorphite partially polished cabochon undulates with waves of turquoise and peacock blue tones, evoking images of a sparkling Caribbean blue ocean! Stunning!

Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Libra

Hemimorphite aids in eliminating self-centeredness while maintaining self esteem.  It promotes self transformation and enhances creativity.

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