Cornetite 5.99 inch 1.16 lb Natural Crystal Specimen - Congo


Height: 152.15mm (5.99 in)

Width: 77.98mm (3.07 in)

Depth: 56.39mm (2.22 in)

Weight: 1.16 Lb / 0.53 kg


SKU: DDX-410
With a vivid hue and dazzling sparkle that are seemingly impossible to capture in a photo, this natural Cornetite is an utterly spectacular and truly breathtaking specimen. The kind of specimen you can stare at indefinitely, this natural Cornetite is a great collectors piece!

Origin is Congo.
Shop other: Cornetite


Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Aries

Cornetite promotes the understanding of Love and Forgiveness. It enables the user to move forward and progress through personal indecision. It activates the Throat Chakra aiding in matters of Communication and Creative expression.

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