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Cobalt Calcite 2.28 inch 48.1 gram Natural Crystal Specimen - Morocco


Height: 57.91mm (2.28 in)

Width: 40.13mm (1.58 in)

Depth: 20.83mm (0.82 in)

Weight: 240.5 carats / 48.1 grams


SKU: EEX-090
Colored by the presence of cobalt, this incredible, hot-pink Calcite specimen is such a vibrant shade its hard to believe it occurs naturally. This particular specimen has large, well-formed crystals with notable clarity and, of course, that breathtaking pink hue. An utterly captivating specimen!

Origin is Morocco.
Shop other: Calcite

Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Cancer

Aids in amplifying or grounding energy as well as energy distributions. Facilitates healing and stimulates creativity.

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