Chrysoprase 2.42 inch 137.7 grams Natural Crystal Partial Polished Gemstone Egg - Kazakstan


Height: 61.47mm (2.42 in)

Width: 46.23mm (1.82 in)

Depth: 46.23mm (1.82 in)

Weight: 0.3 Lb / 0.14 kg


SKU: DDL-070

This exquisitely vibrant Chrysoprase egg is a quintessentially springtime color! The perfect material to be carved into this timeless symbol of cycles and rebirth.

Origin is Kazakstan.

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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Libra

Aligns the chakras while balancing positive and negative energies. Promotes the ablility to love and aids in easing heartache.

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